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Two convenient locations serving Downtown Denver and Lone Tree!


  • The best Green Chili in Denver. I moved back to New York 5 years ago, and am visiting this weekend. Where is the first place I am going to eat you may ask? HERE. I have raved about this green chili to anyone who will listen. Sure it is kinda a divish bar, but the people are friendly, service is good, and the food is amazing.
    Nick Grgas
  • Great Food, I recommend that every one stops buy for at least a taste.
    Chance Terry
  • My first Chili Rellenos and green chili experience WOW - YUM! I still don't know what Chili Rellenos are but I will order it again. I got it with 1/2 hot, 1/2 mild green chili and that chili was cheesy, sauce-y and delicious. I ordered one of the combos with three items and that was a ton of food. We went on a Sunday and they had a ton of specials, we got a few pitchers of beer for $6.99 - it wasn't too crowded and has a cute ambience, I enjoyed it! Chili Rellenos & green chili ++++++++++
    Danielle H - Newport Beach, CA
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